Kumeu Brass

Matamata Festival

Kumeu Bras competed at the Matamata festival on Sunday 1st November. we played a selection of music that we had been putting together for the ABA Contest which was cancelled unfortunately due to Covid-19, and were very excited to come away with a Silver award

Below is our Music Director Linda Filimoehala’s comments post performance, we were delighted to be able to perform as part of Linda’s conducting debut.

Proud is an Understatement

Recently I took on the role of being musical director for Kumeu Brass. I came into the band not knowing much as a conductor but realised quickly what my job was, and that was to express my passion for music through the band. And although at times it seemed difficult all I needed was faith. I believe in them and that is all that matters. We started with 8 players and managed to take a band of 28 members to the Matamata music festival, earning a well deserved Silver. Which is a really great outcome considering all these random lockdowns…lol

Congratulations Kumeu Brass, all your hard work paid off

Linda Filimoehala with our Silver Certificate